Unified ‘bussing’ programme stalled

Unified ‘bussing’ programme stalled
Minister of Transport and Local Government, Frankie Campbell.

Local Government and Transport Minister Frankie Campbell said the pilot project for the unification bussing programme is almost ready to go, but the programme is currently stalled due to what the minister said is a “slight” funding issue.

In an interview with Eyewitness News Online at Columbus Primary School, Campbell said, once government provides its funding contribution to the ‘bussing’ project, it will then be considered complete.

“The unification programme is just about set to go,” said Campbell.

“There is a slight funding issue. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) provided its portion of the funds. The government of The Bahamas is supposed to provide a portion.

“So, we are just tightening small house keeping matters, but we will be ready to go.”

According to the local government minister, the committee itself has been working in the background and housing has also been provided for them.

When asked when Bahamians can look forward to this new bussing program, Campbell said, “The pilot project is supposed to be about six months. We’re hoping to have it finished by the end of this year, which means we have to do it on or before June.

“I’m hoping to keep within that timeline.”

The pilot project for the unification programme is part of the New Providence Road Improvement Programme (NPRIP), funded by the IDB, which also included upgrading the island’s road network.

The $530,000 pilot project, the minister said, will demonstrate how the bussing scheme will work, in an effort to boost the island’s “economic efficiency and sustainability”.

The proposed system will be fueled by smart technology as part of a plan to improve the transportation network within The Bahamas.

Additionally, he said, the pilot project should determine the feasibility of a permanent unified bussing system for New Providence.