UB students outraged over limited parking

UB students outraged over limited parking

Students at The University of The Bahamas (UB) are irate over, what many call a shortage of parking spaces allocated to them.

Many are questioning the mandatory $50 annual fee for parking – regardless if they have a vehicle or not.

“My first semester at the College of the Bahamas was Spring 2008,” Seanell Natasha, a UB student complained on Facebook.

“Parking was an issue then and its an even bigger issue now. Ten years of complaints.”

Students call the hunt for a parking spot ‘time-consuming’ and usually leads to them being late for classes.

“This parking situation is beyond out of hand and ridiculous,” Audrey Culmer, another student wrote on Facebook.

“I parked my car in the mud and didn’t breathe a word, Now, that I’m using Chimi parking lot, the security is hassling me to move my car because ‘faculty parks there’. Note this is the same area I parked in several times last week. This is garbage.”

Students told Eyewitness News that the recent problem of parking has grown since the university decided to divide the student parking lot with faculty parking space. Many complain that too many spots are reserved for faculty.

“It seems their [faulty] parking is growing by the minute,” she said.

Others said they now take risks of being towed some days due to parking at Wendy’s or McDonald’s in order to make it to classes on time.

We were unable to reach school officials up to the time this article was published.