UB refutes claim of president’s involvement in Fyre Festival

UB refutes claim of president’s involvement in Fyre Festival
President of the University of The Bahamas, Dr. Rodney Smith.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The University of The Bahamas on Monday categorically refuted a claim made in the recently released Netflix documentary entitled, “Fyre The Greatest Party That Never Happened” in which reference was made to the “head of University of The Bahamas”.

A statement released yesterday from the University outlined that the President of the University was not directly or indirectly involved in any communication regarding the organization of the infamous Fyre Festival.

“The statement referencing the President is false and is categorically denied. Furthermore, the University never entered into any contractual relations with the event organizers,” the statement read.

“The President of the University is presently being advised regarding appropriate legal action in this matter.”

Two documentaries were recently aired on the failed Fyre Festival, one on Netflix and another on Hulu. The documentaries shed much light on how the festival was advertised, organized and eventually failed to meet the expectations of hundreds of international guests who flew to Great Exuma back in April 2017.

The festival’s founder, Bill McFarland was sentenced last October to six years in federal prison for fraud and has been labelled a serial fraudster.

McFarland admitted to defrauding lenders out of $26 million, for what was sold to investors and guests as the “cultural experience of the decade”. He also admitted to selling more than $100,000 worth of fake tickets to exclusive events while on bail pending trial for the Fyre Festival scam.