UB looks for women softball players in weekend showcase

UB looks for women softball players in weekend showcase

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The University of The Bahamas is set to hold tryouts this weekend for the reactivated women’s softball program.

The showcase is set for 9:00 a.m. Saturday, December 15, 2018, at the Blue Hills Sporting Complex under the supervision of Head Coach Shane Albury.  Albury said they are looking for as much talent as possible.

“Basically we are building a team from the ground up and we need bodies,” he said, “so we need players on all sides of the ball especially pitchers.  We have a few ladies from the school who are interested but we only have about one maybe two who have pitching experience.”

Albury said they are not just looking for a team for now but long term as well. “We are rebuilding the program so we are also looking at high school players from 10th grade to 12th grade.  They are invited to come out to the showcase so I can see your talent level and we can move from there.”

The program will also be able to offer some scholarship opportunities for eligible players.

“We hopefully can keep some of our players local so they can not only come to UB and get an education but also play sports while you’re home,” Albury said.

Albury pointed out pitchers and catchers are hard to find but there are many positions on the team available.

“We need everybody on board as we are basically starting a whole new program,” he said.  “We are building a team and it starts with pitchers and catcher and then we branch out from there. We need infielders and outfielders.  We’ll test your arm, test your speed, test your knowledge of the game.”

The program’s new head coach added that he is not only for skill but for players who can help develop a team.

“We’re looking for players who are going to put the team first and not the selfish me attitude,” he said. “If we have persons who have that in mind that’s what we are looking for.  Sometimes you may have a person who doesn’t have all the talent or all of the skills but their attitude goes a long way and it can benefit the team.”

Registration will start at 9 Saturday morning followed by a warmup session.  Albury said they will test base running speed along with throwing proficiency in both the infield and outfield.