UB considers revamping admissions process

UB considers revamping admissions process
University of The Bahamas President, Dr. Rodney Smith.

While the University of The Bahamas (UB) guns after modernizing the tertiary institution, its president Dr. Rodney Smith recently revealed that it will also begin reviewing the university’s process of admission in order to minimize the growing loss of potential students.

Dr. Smith admitted that UB has experienced a significant loss in potential students over the year, due partially to the fact that applicants are forced to wait a very long time before their acceptance is confirmed.

The long process reportedly has forced hundreds of potential UB students to seek education elsewhere.

He said the institution’s academic senate will be charged with reviewing and addressing this anomaly.

“We want to reexamine our admissions criteria, using data collected; looking at our different systems of admission that we have implemented over the past couple of years and see what they tell us,” he said.

“We might even consider an entrance exam that used to happen here years ago.

“The academic senate will be asked to examine our admission criteria and look at all the data to come up with recommendations that we can use to give Bahamian students opportunity for admission into UB early in the academic year in the Spring, as opposed to waiting until August,”

Shoring up this process will mean that the university can increase its student population which ultimately translates into more revenue for UB.

Ryan Antonio, vice president of Finance and Business Enterprise at UB recently admitted to Eyewitness News that the university’s financial status could be in better standing.

“It can be much better to be very honest with you. We have some challenges from a funding perspective, various costs arising and we have also capped our tuition, but we are making our best efforts to work more diligently and efficiency to shore up our financial standing,” Antonio said.