I really hope the bahamas don’t take these people, america is sending the bahamas just cannot facilitate them , hope they stay at sea,

They gon stay at sea .minnis dont need to discuss he need to lets them know straight up .dine happening so they best bet is to try cuba .what they coming hya 4 to dead n kill us in the process?

Wow these some serious times. We really can’t take that. Prime Minister let them go to the port where they disembark.

Why not advise all ships out to sea to set up a quaratined area…and that medical personnel with be sent out to them…in regards to us why not request 25 cuban doctors…for the sole purpose of containment of ships..yachts and or individuals who handle freight or passangers if sick…

We are…we also don’t have the means to treat more people when we must treat our own. We are a small nation and our concern is that we must minimalist the spread quickly due to the fact that we are a small nation and cannot afford to have numbers swell to bigger nation’s with better facilities to accommodate the infected …..DORIAN effects are still being felt . It’s not fair to ask us to take on such risks at this time.

I wonder why.. is it because you have power over the country ,that you can do that. Was there a cencus taken or did you ask the Bahamas Government?

No we in the Bahamas already have a epidemic 14 covid-19 cases are to much its scary no more please

Ships are flagged under Bahamas, that’s the reason. Bahamian government gets paid by the cruise lines to flag as Bahamas so now it’s time to ante up.

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