Two weekend murders

Two weekend murders

Murder count stands at 53 for 2019

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Two men were killed in separate incidents over the holiday weekend, police reported.

The first incident unfolded shortly before 4:00 a.m. Sunday, according to authorities.

Police said a man standing outside of a home on Roland street, Ridgeland Park was approached by a lone gunman, who shot multiple times.

Paramedics responded to the scene, however they were unsuccessful in reviving the injured man, according to Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash, the head of the Central Detective Unit (CDU).

Nine hours later, police responded to the scene of another shooting death, which unfolded on Lucky Heart Street, off East Street North.

“Police got a call shortly after 1:30 p.m. relative to information that a male was shot just behind a local establishment at the junction of East Street and Lucky Heart corner,” Cash said.

“The officers upon arrival confirmed that there was a lifeless body of a male.

“Once Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were called in, they pronounced that person as deceased.

“The only information that we are working with is that a lone gunman was seen approaching that area; he opened fire and fatally wounded the deceased.”

Cash said the assailant fled the scene on foot.

The murders pushed the murder count to 53 for the year, according to Eyewitness News’ records.

The murders were the first two murders recorded for the month of August.

There were seven murders recorded in July; four in New Providence, two in Grand Bahama and one in Abaco – a stark contrast to the zero murders recorded in July 2018.