Two shanty towns spared from govt.’s demolition wrath



Thirty homes located in shanty towns in western New Providence have been spared from the government’s August 10 deadline for demolition, according to shanty town task force committee chairman Dion Foulkes.

At a press conference Wednesday, Foulkes explained that two shanty towns – one off Bacardi Road and the other off Gladstone Road – will not be demolished during the government’s exercise, which is expected to begin in less than two weeks.

Foulkes said that the homes in these communities are structurally sound and that the government is currently looking at ways to regularise these homes.

He said that Cabinet is deciding, at this moment, what it is going to do in terms of leasing the land and who will collect rent on behalf of those residents.

The other shanty towns, however, will not be spared according to Foulkes who said, that the August 10 deadline is still in effect for those other communities to be shut down and demolished.