Two men shot dead at Potter’s Cay Dock

Two men shot dead at Potter’s Cay Dock
The country's 29th and 30th murders occurred last night at Potter's Cay Dock, claiming the life of two Bahamian males. Police are actively pursuing the lone gunman responsible for the shooting incident. (PHOTO: THEO SEALY)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Police are investigating a double shooting incident which unfolded at Potter’s Cay Dock Wednesday evening which claimed the lives of two men; one of whom has been unofficially identified as Tario Lockhart.

The saga which unfolded shortly after 8:00 p.m. yesterday was eerily similar to another shooting incident which unfolded just steps away from another shooting murder that occurred in February at the popular Bahamian and tourist hub.

In both incidents, police revealed that a lone gunman drew a weapon, fired fatal shots and successfully evaded police by escaping the scene on foot.

When Eyewitness News arrived at the crime scene; Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) officers, Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) and Central Detective Unit (CDU) officers were combing the scene conducting their preliminary investigations.

Moments later, Paul Rolle, acting RBPF Deputy Commissioner, flanked by Superintendent Solomon Cash, Head of CDU and Superintendent Shanta Knowles, RBPF Press Liaison Officer; assembled to provide media with details concerning the fatal shooting incident.

“Shortly after 8:00 p.m. police received reports of gunshots in the area of Potter’s Cay Dock at one of the local establishments. The officers who are assigned to this area heard the shots and immediately responded to the eatery where they met two adult males suffering from apparent gunshot injuries to the upper body,” Rolle said.

“Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responded to the scene and pronounced both men as deceased.

“The assailant after the shooting, left heading in a southern direction of the Potter’s Cay Dock and disappeared in the crowd that had assembled shortly after the shooting.”

Women, who identified themselves as family members of the victims, were inconsolable as they lined the western side of the dock.

However, in a moment of pain-stricken outrage, one of the females ran pass the security barricade erected by police; but; was speedily intercepted by officers before she could make her way closer to the lifeless body of her relative.

Eyewitness News Online pressed Rolle to respond to public concerns that the popular cultural hub was becoming identified as a crime hotspot for authorities.

“I don’t know that we call this a hotspot; this is a place where people come to enjoy themselves and we want everybody to be safe and feel free to move about and enjoy themselves,” Rolle responded.

“We will do what it takes, as much as possible, to make sure people are safe.”

While assuring media that police will do as much as they can to keep the area safe, Rolle refused to confirm or deny if police presence will be increased in the area.

“We are concerned about every murder,” Rolle asserted.

“We want to ensure that every individual in The Bahamas will be safe, so we take all of these incidents for the merit that it is, and we treat all of them with our utmost concern.

“We have police presence on this dock and the officers responded and discovered the persons tonight. We will continue to police as the need arises.”

He continued, “I’m not going to comment on the policing strategy. Let us deal with this homicide here tonight and try to bring some resolve to this.”

The double shooting incident pushed the country’s murder count to 30 for the year.



Too many killings in that cultural landmark. You’d think the police would have a contingency plan to apprehend the murders being a one way in and out zone. Isn’t a police station on site? We have to many officers in areas like potters cay and the fish fry who needs to be on constant foot patrols. Increase your compliment of officers if needs be. Solve or prevent these tragic events in public tourist or family oriented zones

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