Two female tourists allege sexual assault, take claims to social media

Two female tourists allege sexual assault, take claims to social media

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Two American women have taken to social media claiming they were the victims of an alleged rape incident reported on Grand Bahama earlier this week.

A government official from the office of the prime minister confirmed that the alleged victims were visitors who made the initial complaint.

In a Facebook post, the woman who identified herself as Dongayla Dublin and another woman recounted what they allege took place. They also showed pictures of bruises from the alleged incident.

In the daily police report issued earlier this week, police did not indicate that the alleged rape victims were tourists, but have done so in the past when similar incidents have taken place.

In Doblin’s Facebook post, she alleges that the incident took place at Pirates Cove in Grand Bahama on Sunday, February 4th,2024.

“EVEN if I had been drinking/drunk (we both blew below 0.00)… they had no right,” she said.

“Even if I ordered a drink from a guy (STAFF MEMBER),.. they had no right. …Even if I was wearing provocative clothing (a freaking swimsuit on the beach)… they had no right…. Even if we were nice (to RESORT STAFF)… they had no right.”

Doblin added “ We were targeted from the moment we were spotted, we were drugged with everything imaginable. They had no right. “

The visitor also cautioned other visitors. “Spread the word, bring awareness. Don’t drink the pineapple and coconut drinks, not even from Resort workers. Only sealed, bottled drinks!”

During the ordeal, she added that she “called out to God, and he heard. I called for God to get me back home alive. He heard. I called out for God when I had to make identifications, and he heard.”

On Monday police reported that two women were allegedly sexually assaulted by two men on a beach in Central Grand Bahama on Sunday.

They added that authorities arrested two men, a 54-year-old of Eight Mile Rock and a 40-year-old male of South Bahamia for the alleged incident.
Preliminary reports indicate that the incident occurred shortly after noon, while the females were visiting a beach.

The crime report did not indicate it was visitors. Attempts to reach police officials were unsuccessful up until the time of publication.

The allegations come at a time when the U.S. embassy has issued a travel advisory on The Bahamas cautioning its citizens to be safe.

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