Two arraigned on murder charges

Two arraigned on murder charges

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Owen Williams, 18, and Stefan Rolle, 23, were arraigned before Deputy Chief Magistrate Subolsa Swain on Monday, charged with one count each of murder.

However, yesterday’s arraignment was delayed after Rolle’s lawyer, Bjorn Ferguson, pointed out that there were no witnesses listed on the dockets other than the arresting officers and the pathologist, which is legally not enough for a case to go forward.

He argued that his client had a right to know who was accusing him of a crime and said if there were no other witnesses Rolle should be released immediately as he has been in custody since Tuesday, several days past the legally allowed time.

Magistrate Swain agreed with Ferguson and said the police cannot just hide information and must get the dockets right as murder is a serious offense.

She also noted that another jurisdiction would see this as a human rights violation.

After a brief recess, Swain said that she would arraign the men with the existing docket but ordered that witnesses be added before a voluntary bill of indicated is served.

Both men were charged with the February 12 murder of Richard Fowler.

Fowler was found shot to death in a parking lot off Bernard road.

The men were denied bail and remanded to the Department of Correctional Services. However, before they left they both told the court they were beaten by police officers and had plastic bags placed over their heads.

Both men also had to visit the hospital for various injuries they claim they received while in custody.

The men are expected to return to court on April 12.