This unfortunate for a lot of people like my self as
As I have five kids 1 adopted son. I been struggling from
February. Constant frustration at these so call relief entities such Social services and NIB. I payed NiB 22years claim twice in my life a week medical. And they carry me through the ringer just to get 200 a week Government assistant. It two for them to start paying me.
Social services don’t even respond to you. I don’t know they doing with tax payers moneys but they worst than the church I guess God will take care of Us as usual.
This the second time Turnquest talk about apartments
And renting he is out of touch with less fortunate. I have been paying my rent out of 200 dollars a week which we get every two weeks. My groceries for family size of mine out of that is $50 a week. Imargine how I feel. I think they think we are pot cake dogs in The Bahamas.

I feel as if the Prime Minister could do much more. Mr. Prime Minister each time you address the public you say how much millions of dollars was paid out to the Bahamian citizens. Did you ever ascertain who qualify for this assistsnce? There are many Bahamians who don’t qualify. Who’s assisting the Bahamians who don’t qualify? The government surely is not. You mention food voucher, what happen to these? Social Service is a disgrace to Bahamians, Mr. Prime Minister you know the large amount of Bahamians who would seek their assistance yet you do not have Social Service Inspectors at these Social Service Centers. You ask questions and they are unwilling to answer you. You are given a date, with no follow name, such as case worker and time frame in which you will be contacted back. Let me tell you Mr. Prime Minister, every citizen of the Bahamas pays taxes levied by the government. Mr. Prime Minister stop leaving these centers to be run by corrupt, unscrupulous, disrespecful Bahamians who face a major defeat at the polls during the upcoming election.You have ministers also in charge of Ministries and they are not performing. Various persons got injured on the job at Atlantis, Sandals, S.R.C. and P.M.H. and have not being compensated to date. GET IT TOGETHER MR. PRIME MINISTER OR GET OUT OF OFFICE. Bahamians must have a voice. Your Cabinet stinks with corruption.

The economic plight of the Bahamas is your responsibility. Our Rights to get work is being denied ☹️? and your inability to develop a sustainable economy is now being seen. Y’all thought tourism would feed and shelter us much to your demise. So you pump millions of dollars into a collapsible product instead of being visionaries and expand our farming and fishing industries.
Your bias and one-sided political platform has left us no room for expansions planning. Corruption is at its highest levels.
Why are the reconstruction materials brought on the island of Grand Bahama by Samaritan Purse still sitting and being rotted out in Sawyer’s Food store parking lot. What has happened to all that money that was donated for Hurricane Dorian relief fund. You are deaf towards our complains. He who sets up kingdoms also brings them down. There’s no justification for corruption.
Fill y’all storehouses, there’s two more years of plenty for you.

Is Minnis paying people mortgage to tell them how to rent their places. If he drop the vat that will help people a little better to

The FNM is the poor people’s nightmare.My son has a small mechanic business get a little job here and there sometime but he doesn’t have a business license because his business isn’t that great. But he pays his national insurance and by the way he is three month in advance on his payment. They told him at national insurance that he don’t qualify for any thing.So why do he pay give them his money for every body but him self

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