Turnquest: Airport redevelopment in early stages

Turnquest: Airport redevelopment in early stages
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The redevelopment of several Family Island airports are well underway, this according to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Peter Turnquest, in a recent interview with Eyewitness News Online.

Last June, the government signed an agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for $70 million dollars in loans.

As pointed out by Turnuqest, $33 million was allocated to improve airports in Abaco, Exuma, and Eleuthera,

Almost a year later, Turnquest said that the overhaul of the first airport is in its early stages.

“The process has started and there is work being done to finalize the scoping for all of those,” he told Eyewitness News Online in a recent interview.

“The first one that you will probably see is Exuma airport and I believe they are currently in the process of finalizing the architectural requirements for that; And then of course, North Eleuthera, Long Island.

“There’s some minor work that needs to be done at a few other airports, including Great Harbour Cay, so those are progressing along.”

In addition to Family Island airport redevelopment, $23.5 million dollars of the IDB loan was budgeted for strengthening coastal management and protection in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Long Island, and Andros.
Turnquest advised that this initiative is also in progress, though specifics were limited.

“In terms of the coastal management projects, similarly, there is work that has been done on some seawalls and some of the other softer scapes that we are reinvigorating to help with the shore defense.

“So, those projects are in fact ongoing.”

Turnquest added prudence will be exercised as the government embarks on these various projects to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.