Sands reveals country tuberculosis stats; Garvin Tynes school campus to be screened

Health Minister, Dr. Duane Sands.

Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands met with parents from Garvin Tynes Primary School on Monday to hear their concerns on the recent cases of Tuberculosis (TB) on the campus.

Sands told members of the press on Tuesday the TB surveillance unit will screen all the students at the school out of caution.

Last week, the health minister revealed there were six confirmed cases of people with positive Mantoux skin tests at Garvin Tynes. Preliminary results indicated that 38 students tested negative and of the 12 parents tested, one came back positive for TB.

Forty-Four teachers were also tested and two were positive. Of the 22 administration and support staff tested, three had positive Mantoux skin tests for TB.

Despite the recent positive TB tests, Sands said The Bahamas still enjoys a low rate of TB having had only 89 active cases in 2016. He said based on preliminary results there were less than 60 active TB cases in 2017.