Tsumani readiness test set for Wednesday

Tsumani readiness test set for Wednesday

A readiness exercise with regional counterparts is expected to help prepare better local disaster management officials in dealing with a tsunami threat, if ever one reaches The Bahamas.

Officials of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) will take part in said exercise.

All Family Island administrators were advised, in a memo sent by NEMA, that the exercise dubbed “Caribe Wave 18” is being conducted in an effort to validate preparedness response.

The memo went on to say that The Bahamas will test all cell phone, landline, email, fax and other forms of communication, as well as social media platforms.

“The public will be informed on Wednesday, March 14, of the exercise to ensure that persons know the alerts are not real threats but a stimulation exercise,” the memo read.

The test is conducted annually in the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, under the direction of UNESCO and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center located in Hawaii.

The exercise will also review all necessary protocol within the various departments and government agencies to see where there are weaknesses, officials said.