TRENDING DOWN: New cases remain in the low single-digits

TRENDING DOWN: New cases remain in the low single-digits

Six cases recorded on Monday, with 50 more recoveries 

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Following a spate of high double-digit coronavirus cases, The Bahamas has recorded low single-digit infections over the last few days, furthering assertions from health officials that the nation has flattened the curve of the virus despite threats of emerging variant strains.

The Bahamas recorded six cases of the virus on Monday, all of which were on New Providence, where the vast majority of cases are located.

Of the new infections, there were three imported cases, according to the Ministry of Health.

There were nine cases recorded on Sunday, nine cases recorded on Saturday, 34 cases last Friday, 16 cases last Thursday, 10 last Wednesday and 10 last Tuesday.

There remains concern about a potential third wave of the virus as COVID variants affect numerous jurisdictions across the globe.

Total infections now stand at 8,477, with 1,014 active cases.

A total of 7,231 cases have recovered.

Another 50 cases recovered yesterday.

Recoveries have outpaced new infections for the last few weeks.

Fifteen cases remain hospitalized, one of which was in the Intensive Care Unit at Doctor’s Hospital.

To date, there have been 179 COVID-related deaths.

Another 15 deaths remain under investigation.

Of the deaths under investigation, Chief Medical Officer Dr Pearl McMillan has said the review was ongoing, but health officials continue to keep them on their radar to ensure the classification is performed for all deaths.

“It would be good if immediately we would be in a position to say yes or no, but some cases require a more in-depth review and we give the team an opportunity to do that,” she said during a Ministry of Health press conference last Thursday.

“But, believe [me], we are keeping that on our radar and we are seeking to ensure every one of those deaths are classified.”

But those deaths have remained unclassified for more than a month.

There have been 38 cases that died of other illnesses.

Yesterday, 101 tests were performed.

With 95 negative results, this places The Bahamas’ positivity rate at just under six percent.

A total of 66,696 COVID-19 tests have been performed.

This includes the private sector.