Traffic fatality mars Easter Sunday

An early morning collision on Gladstone Road on Easter Sunday, claimed the life of one person and has left another in hospital fighting for their life.

Eyewitness News arrived on the scene of the country’s latest traffic fatality shortly after 1:00 a.m. Sunday.

Beyond the police crime scene tape were two mangled vehicles – a white Nissan Tida, driven by a male, and a black Honda Fit, driven by a female.

The force of impact from the accident, investigators said, threw both vehicles to either side of the carriageway.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel were called to the scene.

The male driver, who sustained a number of injuries, was transported to hospital. He is listed in serious condition.

EMS personnel attempted to revive the female driver, however those attempts, investigators said, were unsuccessful.

The accident was so severe that the female was pinned in the driver’s seat under the steering wheel, while the entire front end of the vehicle was unrecognizable.

Fire Services were called to the scene to assist with extricating the lifeless body from the car.

The traffic mishap put the country’s traffic fatality count to 19 for the year.

In the wake of this most recent incident, traffic police urged motorists to “slow down”.

“We want to admonish all road users, whether motorists or pedestrians, to exercise extreme caution,” said Craig Stubbs, chief superintendent of the police traffic department.

“If you’re out attending functions and you have consumed alcoholic beverages and feel as though you cannot drive home – we ask you to seek a designated driver or use public transportation to assist with getting home.”

Traffic cops on Exuma also had their handsful with a serious accident on that island on Saturday.

“Two vehicles: a Ford Explorer truck and a Honda, collided on the Queen’s Highway, just outside of Georgetown – an accident that was very similar to this one here in New Providence tonight,” Stubbs said.

“A female driver and her young son was airlifted to the capital as a result of that accident. So, we continue to ask motorists to be careful and remain alert.”