Three-day blaze on Abaco

Three-day blaze on Abaco
Photos of a fire that was contained in the area of Murphy Town, Abaco,

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Firefires and volunteers on Abaco have managed to contain a blaze in the area of Murphy Town, Abaco, which began as a spread from a fire in the Bahama Coral Island area three days ago, according to Superintendent Kendrick Morris.

Around 4 p.m. Saturday,  the Disaster Reconstruction Authority put out an urgent call for volunteers and equipment to help fight the blaze.

At the time, authorities feared the fire could expand to the Dundas Town area.

Residents and volunteers were asked to bring heavy equipment especially payloaders and tractors to help contain the fire.

By Saturday evening, Morris said the fire had been nearly out, with just a few hot spot areas and smouldering debris.

He said inquiries are still being conducted into how the fire started but noted that they began on Wednesday evening in the Bahama Coral Island area and has been spreading since.

Morris advised that there may be another fire occurring in South Abaco as well, but information was scarce.

He insisted, however, that there are ample appliances and equipment on the island to fight the fires, as well as residents stepping forward to volunteer.