The NBA could land in The Bahamas

The NBA could land in The Bahamas
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NASSAU, BAHAMAS- The Bahamas could become a landing spot for the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The league is looking to continue with its regular season once the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is under control, and according to reports made by ESPN, The Bahamas has been named as a potential landing spot.

On March 11th, the NBA suspended its season indefinitely after one if its players tested positive for the coronavirus.

The idea of a centralized location could be considered, according to the report on Friday.

This means teams would have a place to do everything under one roof — live, work out, eat and eventually play to restart the season.

ESPN also reported that the NBA is waiting to see what unfolds with pro basketball in China, which is further along the coronavirus curve than the United States by several weeks.

The Chinese Basketball Association went on hiatus in late January and a restart has been delayed into late April or early May. ESPN noted the league has considered putting teams in a controlled environment to start playing again.


This event could kick start the industry. All hotels could win from an event of this magnitude.

I think the government should look into getting a tv deal even if it’s just for the remaining of the season instead of looking to reboot the hotel at this time at least that could provide some capital..horizontal exposure can provide new markets.

Its a good recovery plan in relation to the tourism and financial sector, however our main and primary focus should now be developing the agricultural sector so we are able to feed ourselves.

Once we can reach that point, we can develop any other sector, but focus on agriculture as our number one sector.

Because the tourism and financial sector will still be vulnerable to future occurrences.

It makes every bit of sense to kick start the economic downfall but remember that we still need too screen the thousands coming in because the NBA will have it fans in al of us

How will the hotels win if the players would live, eat, sleep, practice and play under “one roof”?

Nice. Screen everyone on arrival for Coronavirus still. Otherwise good thinking.

Stay in your own country. Simple as that we are covered by God and we trust him , youll should do the same . STAY HOME .the NBA is not important at this time people lives are

Remember we trust God our protector our healer so why not by then the Us should have their territory under control and if this take place it is because God is
In control

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