The Mudd ablaze!

The Mudd ablaze!
A witness account of yesterdays fire.

More than 50 homes were destroyed after a fire in the Mud, Abaco burned yesterday. The inferno, according to police reports began shortly after 6:00 a.m.

Abaco Volunteer Fire Services were called to the scene and officers from Police Fire Services in Freeport were flown in to assist.

While no lives were lost, scores of residents of the Haitian shanty town are now homeless.


According to Fire Chief, Walter Evans, heavy winds have played a huge part in fueling the fire. One
male is assisting police with their investigation into this matter.

This is not the first time the village has been hit with such devastation. The village also burned back in 2014 with two casualties – a mother and her son.

A man carries what is left of his belongings to safety as The Mud burns in in Abaco.