The Bahamas hits 5,000 COVID cases over holiday weekend

The Bahamas hits 5,000 COVID cases over holiday weekend

Death toll at 108

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Health officials confirmed 85 additional COVID-19 cases in the country yesterday, taking the number of cases in The Bahamas to 5,163.

Of the new cases, 76 were in New Providence, four in Grand Bahama, three in Abaco, and two in Eleuthera.

The Ministry of Health also confirmed the death of an 86 year-old man of New Providence on October 11 and two non-COVID related deaths.

The number of COVID deaths now stands at 108 with another 14 deaths under investigation.

The Bahamas officially breached 5,000 cases over the weekend.

Ministry of Health COVID-19 dashboard for October 12, 2020.

On Saturday, there were 68 confirmed COVID cases. Of those cases, 64 were in New Providence, two in Eleuthera, one in Bimini and one in Andros.

An additional 55 cases were confirmed on New Providence on Sunday, as well as the death of a 63-year-old man of New Providence.

Over the past week, the number of new cases has continued to steadily increase, with New Providence cases rising by 541.

The capital and Abaco remain on a 24-hour lockdown until Tuesday at 5 am.

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced reintroduced restrictive measures on the islands, including “full, 24-hour weekend curfew”.

The nightly curfew on Mondays through Fridays will be in effect between 7pm and 5am beginning starting today.

Minnis said the increasing number of COVID-19 in the country, particularly in New Providence, has created an immense strain and risks a collapse of the healthcare system.

The number of active cases to date now stands at 2,043.

Hospitalized cases stand at 104.

The ministry reported another 503 recovered cases over the past week, taking COVID recoveries to 2,978.

To date, 24,694 tests have been completed, however, it remains unclear exactly how many people have been tested individually.

There have been 3,937 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New Providence, 658 in Grand Bahama, 160 in Abaco, 56 in Bimini, 33 in Exuma, 29 in Eleuthera, 19 in Inagua, 17 in the Berry Islands, 12 in Long Island, 10 in Andros, nine in Cat Island, seven in Acklins, five in Crooked Island, and three in Mayaguana.

Another 208 confirmed cases still have locations pending.


It would be great if Eye Witness News would be the first to actually spend daily investigative journalism on the current publications surrounding the used PCR tests.
If you need help on finding sources and articles, let me know.
A PCR test does NOT give any clinical indication of infection by the Sars-Cov–2 virus that causes the clinical condition called Covid-19.
A PCR test does NEVER indicate anything other than it showing a molecular remnants of a unknown corona virus.
A PCR test is not even an indicator of wether or not a introduced specimen contains a ‘life’ virus.
A PCR test performed and programmed to do over 35 cycles will ALWAYS turn positive whatever specimen is introduced i.e. a pieve of papays, chicken tissue, goat tissue, etc.
The PCR tests in the Bahamas are programmed to do 29 cycles. Eventhough Pfyser now recommends max 15 cycles to prevent ‘false’ positives.
Since this week even the WHO states that PCR tests are NOT giving ANY clinical information concerning Sars-Cov-2.

I can continue…

Please stop reporting ANY updates on ‘new cases’ because the are all based on useless PCR tests.

You are making your network look rediculous, and you are activly complicit in crimes against humanity.

Class action lawsuits have allready started against governments and news platforms that keep peddling false information to the public.

Dear Mr Stringer, I appreciated your comments re COVID-19 or as some of the English are saying COVID 1984, from of course the George Orwell novel. Yes there are a lot of inconsistencies and anomalies regarding this whole situation worldwide! People are living in fear which chemically is as damaging to the body ie Adrenalin and cortisol. I think the famous saying “there is nothing to fear, but fear itself” could be applicable here. I admit to not knowing anything about the science of the PCR tests and what they show, and thus was interested in what you said.
The information I found interesting is that certainly in UK the “young” people who have died from it ie 30_50 ish dies because of a cytokines storm ie their own body whilst attacking the virus attacked itself and created organ failure in other words an OVER active immunity, whereas the majority of people 85% of sufferers throughout the world will have a very mild illness probably less uncomfortable than normal flu. It’s interesting that there have been a few cases in people aged over 90 that have made full recoveries. Also A blood group are far more likely than B to get it. What I found most interesting is that hardly any smokers get it , to the degree that the chinese a very heavy smoking country, only about 3% of sufferers were smokers, and thus the french are encouraging people to wear nicotine patches. I feel very strongly that the antibody tests should be used surely if areas could be tested and say 90 per cent showed past exposure, it would change peoples psychological viewpoint. Yes Sweden did not have any lockdowns and restrictions and their deaths per capita were no higher. Anyway I could ramble on but thanks for your comment.

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