The Bahamas Antiquities Monuments & Museums Corporation and Public Private Investments Ltd Sign MOU

The Bahamas Antiquities Monuments & Museums Corporation and Public Private Investments Ltd Sign MOU
Sitting left to right: Ms. Richenda King, Chairman AMMC; Dr. Nigel Lewis, Chairman PPIL; Amb. Joshua Sears, Senior Policy Advisor, OPM. Standing left to right: Mr. Alexander Flowers, Secretary, AMMC; Mrs. Kim Outten-Stubbs, Director AMMC; Mr. Don Demeritte, PPIL; Ms. Carol, BIA; and Mr. Olvin Rees, PPIL.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The National Museum of The Bahamas / Antiquities Monuments & Museums Corporation (AMMC) and Public Private Investments Ltd (PPIL) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the operation and management of designated heritage sites in New Providence, to facilitate the restoration, modernization and sustainability of the sites, and to advance and enhance The Bahamas tourism product

In his remarks about the public private partnership with AMMC, Dr. Nigel Lewis, chairman of PPIL, said, “Public Private Investments Ltd. is committed to its public private partnership with AMMC as his group views the project initiative as a fitting example to all Bahamians; as it signifies that Bahamians from all walks of life can come together to work on improving our country’s economy, environment and essentially its image.

“This MOU speaks to the creation of a platform and developing processes, which serve to help diversify our tourism product by leveraging our cultural and heritage strengths to generate jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities and promote product diversification.

“The final product, or services offering, promises to be exemplary and will feature wholesome family experiences, which provide heritage, cultural and adventure entertainment to both tourists and local patrons.

“We view this undertaking as simple but iconic.  We are pleased and excited about the potential of pooling private and public sectors’ institutional capacity; and are committed to working very closely with AMMC, our public partner, and all key stakeholders to maximize this public private partnership opportunity.”

Mrs. Richenda King, chair of AMMC, remarked that for the past 20 years the National Museum of The Bahamas/AMMC has been solely responsible for the heritage sites in the city of Nassau, providing both the technical and administrative components required for their maintenance.

“The introduction of public private partnership and the MOU with PPIL to this equation promises to bring the vital support that is needed to improve the physical and commercial components of our heritage facilities and the tourism product,” she said.

“This proposed collaboration will be a first, transforming the heritage business model in The Bahamas.  It is very important that preservation, protection and conservation of our heritage sites remain at the forefront of the partnership. The National Museum/AMMC will continue to provide the technical oversight of historic cultural resources.”

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