Ten more COVID-19 cases

Ten more COVID-19 cases

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Health officials have confirmed an additional 10 cases of the coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 326.

There are six new cases in New Providence, and four in Grand Bahama.

In New Providence, the new cases are two men aged 26 and 41; two men aged 49; and two women aged 31 and 46.

In Grand Bahama, the new cases include: three men aged 30, 42 and 56; and a 31-year-old woman.

As of today, there are 159 cases in Grand Bahama, 130 cases in New Providence, 21 cases in Bimini, four cases in Cat Cay, six cases in the Berry Islands, two cases in Cat Island, three cases in Moore’s Island, and one case in Great Guana Cay.

Ten patients have been hospitalized.

As of today, there were 222 active cases.

A total of 91 people have recovered from the virus.


This is so, sad and vexing.

All, because, Bahamians Did Not Listen to The Prime Minister.

All because the PM failed to put in place correct measures on their return to the country no matter how long they were gone for. All should have been tested and quarantined upon return.

Best comment ever,and try to blame the people who travel,went out are locked down for months what more can you expect went you set people free.

The PM did not fail those of us who listened. He begged us not to travel unless it was a dire emergency so those of us who listened did not travel. Hundreds of Grand Bahamians piled on the Balearia ferry service and took off to Florida, which has now become the epicenter of the latest COVID-19 surge, as soon as the borders opened. Many went on frivolous, non-emergency shopping sprees to buy items that could be obtained on the island. As far as I know, the PM didn’t join them or travel so don’t blame him.
I agree, in hindsight, that we should have required that anyone who left the country would require a negative COVID-19 test upon re-entering the country, no matter the length of time they were gone, but since there is no manual on how to manage COVID-19 and the government is trying to keep us Bahamians safe and happy, we have to live and learn as we go.
Listen, my fellow-Bahamians listen! Stay home, wash your hands frequently and social distance when in public. With the grace of God, we can overcome this.

We can not blame the PM. We will have to face reality and realize that the Covid19 will not go away. We will come in contact with it for the rest of our lives. It will be as common as the flu. We need to educate ourselves on how to take care of our bodies and what meds to take if we indeed have the covid19. I had it twice. It is completely survivable, as the numbers clearly state. I have proven that one can survive the Rona, but we can not survive empty pockets.

Bahamians must remember our history. Those who once were the original settlers of the Bahamas proverbially disappeared without a trace., we as the modern, enlightened, and educated citizens of the New Bahamas, must understand that the coved 19 is not a legal political, or economic matter surviving corona, appears to be more of a common sense issue. Confucius once said; “There is a simple solution to every problem, sometime so simple we think it’s wrong.’.

Wake up Bahamas!!


Boy we in trouble…..that number rise like the tide. Who know what the continued count will be. I went to the Police Station I think Tuesday gone…..Officer’s comfortably not wearing mask. Saw Officer’s on Patrol not wearing mask but both time’s I saw it….only the partner’s wearing mask. Went to NIB on Tuesday Past at the Sport’s Center…..Workers not wearing mask. People are getting too comfortable. I be wearing mask around my own kids that hang around other kids. I make them wear it but no telling they’d keep it on. We cannot afford to become extinct….Our work on earth has not been completed. Stay safe Bahamas (Everybody).

This Government has failed Grand Bahamians in many ways. One GG, five MP’S, one MS in addition to senators. The Government knew the state of our medical facility before the pandemic. Understanding that the borders had to be opened proper and I say proper provisions should have been put in place for anyone travelling to the Islands. Check what’s happening on Barbados. Before travellers leave the airport testing and retesting is done. Yes, open the borders but when the borders opened initially can we say the provisions were in place? From the way it looks, it does not appear so. This Government has failed Grand Bahama.

Let us not panic.
Coronavirus can be controlled.
Avoid travelling. Wear mask. Try to keep distance and wash hands with soap whenever possible or immediately on returning home.
So simple.

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