Telecoms and Climate Change in the spotlight at CANTO

Telecoms and Climate Change in the spotlight at CANTO

MIAMI, FLORIDA — Following Hurricane Beryl’s devastating impacts in the Caribbean, the critical importance of robust telecommunications infrastructure and reliable data access was brought into sharp focus at the opening of CANTO’s 39th Annual Trade Exhibition and Conference in Miami.

“The Caribbean is on the front lines of the global climate crisis, facing significant and immediate impacts that threaten the region’s environment, economy, and way of life. The Caribbean’s resilience and adaptive capacity are vital in the face of climate change, and it is imperative that we take proactive and coordinated action,” said Daryl Vaz, Jamaica’s Minister of Science, Energy, Telecommunications and Transport. 

Vaz delivered the feature address at CANTO’s opening ceremony on Sunday days after Beryl made landfall in Jamaica.

“Resilience and adaptive capacity are vital in the face of climate change. By embracing innovative solutions, fostering collaboration, and committing to sustainable practices, we can safeguard our islands for future generations. If we really want to survive and thrive, the time for talk is over and now is the time for action. We must walk the walk,” he said. 

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Towards a Sustainable Digital Economy’ and C&W Communications, the operators of Flow, Flow Business, C&W Business, and BTC, has returned as the headline sponsor for the region’s premier telecoms conference.

“As we gather in the wake of Hurricane Beryl, we are reminded of the immense challenges that natural disasters pose to our region, but also of the resilience and solidarity that define the Caribbean spirit,” said Marilyn Sealy, Senior Director, Head of Communications, C&W Communications.

“We are proud to be a part of an industry that provides the backbone for growth and innovation, and we remain committed to supporting the region, and at the same time the critical work that CANTO has undertaken over the years.” 

The annual event brings together regional heads of state and government, along with regulators, telecom operators, and other key stakeholders, to network, build alliances, review policy, and share best practices as they relate to the regional telecoms sector.