Teen left in a vegetative state after traffic accident

Teen left in a vegetative state after traffic accident

Mother seeks assistance for further medical treatment


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Sanise Dorcely recalls her son’s tragic incident which led to him being hospitalized for the past six months as if it happened yesterday.

Dorcely said she had spoken to Eric Dorcely, her 13-year-old son, shortly before he had left home on a September evening to take a ride on his bicycle.

She said her son insisted that he would return home as soon as possible,  but moments later, she received the devastating news that he had been hit by a motorist who was driving a Honda Civic.

“When I got the news, I ran out the house, no shoes on my feet. I saw all these people around him and I told everyone to move. They wanted me to move him, but I said no, I don’t know the condition he’s in, I didn’t want to move him,” Dorcely recalled.

Dorcerly’s son was eventually taken to the hospital.

He was admitted last September and remained there for months until he was released to his mother’s care just last week.

Since his return home, Dorcely said she has to stay by Eric’s bedside morning, noon and night as he is unable to move or speak.

“The accident left him with very little brain function,” Dorcerly said.

“The doctors said they don’t know how long he will be on this thing, but he is disabled now, and he is in a vegetative state, he’s completely brain-damaged.”

Eric now has to eat food that is pushed through a tube that goes from his throat to his stomach, which bothers him from time-to-time, according to his mother.

“He doesn’t move much, but he tries to take this [tube] out from his throat sometimes,” Dorcely said, adding that her son has also lost a lot of weight since having to eat through the feeding tube.

She said her son weighed more than 100 lbs before the accident, but he now weighs just around 90 lbs.

“He was such an active child,” the mother recalled. “He was good at fixing bicycles, he used to fix everyone’s bicycle. I used to think he could be a mechanic one day.”

Dorcely said because Eric lost much of his brain function, he has not been able to communicate since the accident.

The concerned mother said that while she would like to get a second opinion on her son’s condition, she has no money to do so.

But the only glimmer of hope that Dorcely has following her son’s ordeal is seeing him crack a smile every now and again.

Meanwhile, Dorcely alleged that the motorist who injured her son was texting and driving at the time of the incident.

She surmised that because it was still daylight, the motorist should have seen her son if she was paying attention to the road.

“She said oh she’s so sorry, she’s so sorry, but I said, ‘miss you were on your phone, and by the time you looked it was too late,’ that’s what I told her,” Dorcely said.

Dorcely further alleged that the driver did not have any insurance on her vehicle at the time of the accident and she was never arrested by police.

“When I asked her about insurance, that was it. It became a problem. I said if she doesn’t have insurance then I need to speak to a lawyer. She came to visit him one time in the hospital [and] she started yelling and saying, ‘oh wake up, wake up, I didn’t mean knock you’.

“She never helped me. She helped with nothing, nothing,” the frustrated mother claimed.

Dorcely said if persons are interested in helping her son, Eric Taylor to see an overseas doctor for further treatment and/or a second opinion, they can visit her Go Fund Me page at: www.gofundme.com/mz389-medical-fund.