Tech solutions provider urges greater support for local developers

Tech solutions provider urges greater support for local developers

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A Bahamian technology solutions provider is urging greater support for local developers, with his company having recently added two additional features to its offering.

Kevin Adderley, a Bahamian tech developer currently residing in Seattle and founder of the professional services Pro242 app, told Eyewitness News: “One of the things we really want to focus on going forward and into the New Year is for Bahamians to embrace technology and not just in the general sense, but Bahamian technology.

“There is tremendous ingenuity and creativity among Bahamian developers, they just need the support.

“I went through the app and Google Play store and saw applications dating back as far as 2014 and they just died.

“There were really great applications that worked greater, really well, but just didn’t get the support.”

Adderley added: “It’s something that we really have to look at. There is great reliance on Facebook and WhatsApp, but they aren’t local and we don’t really know what the future may be for those applications.

“There are many countries that have their own social media platforms that help to support small businesses. Gives us a chance. That is something that is desperately needed.”

Adderley’s Pro242 is a professional services app and website similar to the popular Angie’s List and is available for download on Apple and Android devices.

The company has added a live car auction and farmer’s auction to its application.

“We have added two additional services to the Pro242 platform. One of them is the ability to live auction your vehicle,” said Adderley.

“You can post it on there and individuals can bid on those vehicles. You can also get notifications from potential buyers and correspond with them. We also added a second feature, an auction for the farmers as we know they are sometimes forgotten. We made available a live auction where they can auction produce, vehicles, machinery, whatever they have, they can auction it.”

He added: “We see this as a long-term solution to build community around trust, professionalism and credibility — a place where people can get real info on service professionals.”