Teachers, students lead demonstration at Black Point All-Age School

Teachers, students lead demonstration at Black Point All-Age School

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Teachers and students at the Black Point All-Age School in Exuma demonstrated on Monday, after they claim the poor conditions of the classrooms have left several students and teachers sick.

In several photos sent to Eyewitness News Online, you can see what appears to be mold in several classrooms and bathrooms. There were also dirty bathroom stalls, missing windows and filthy walls.

Yesterday, parents and teachers said they have had enough and called on prime minister Dr Hubert Minnis as well as education minister Jeffery Lloyd for immediate assistance.

One parent said, “There are so many germs in that building, how do you expect the kids not to get upset? We are angry, the people of Black Point are angry,” she said.

“We have been promised too much for far too long and we are not going to take it anymore. Something must be done, now.

“Prime Minister, we need help now!”

Chester Cooper, Member of Parliament for Exuma and Ragged Island, told Eyewitness News Online that the school has been in a deplorable state since last August when he first took the issue to Education Minister Jeffery Lloyd and Public Service Minister Brensil Rolle.

However, to date, Cooper said nothing has been done.

On Monday, Cooper accused the Minnis Administration of failing the children of Black Point.

“Either the contractor received money and didn’t do the work or the Ministry of Education paid and did not check to see if the work was done; either way it is an unacceptable situation for these children to be in,” Cooper said.

“This administration must pay close attention and take better care of Bahamians, even in the remotest part of the country. They are Bahamians too and deserve respect. I am advised local government has been given $2,000 to maintain three schools in the Exuma Cays and it’s pretty pathetic that it is so inadequate.”