Teachers on alert over national exams

Teachers on alert over national exams
Bahamas Union of Teachers President Belinda Wilson. (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamas Union of Teachers president Belinda Wilson advised members last night that schools are still on track to close for summer break in two weeks.

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced that national exams, including BJCs and BGCSEs will now be held on July 13.

Wilson acknowledged concerns over the new date in a voice note to members, adding the union will respond after more information is given during the budget debate.

“Please be advised the prime minister stated that examinations are going to be held July 13, 2020,” Wilson said.

“He also said the minister of education will address the matter in parliament.”

She continued: “All I want to say to you this evening as your president, is that school closes for teachers for the summer break on Friday June 19, 2020, and it closes for students on Friday, June 12.

“School closes on June 19, 2020 for teachers. So July 13 you will be on your summer break. I will address this matter further after minister makes his contribution in Parliament.”

Wilson added: “For now enjoy labor day enjoy the weekend. enjoy next week and  the week after and then enjoy your summer break which you are entitled too.”


Straight to the point. Why rush National exams just to say or the Bahamas still sit there exams. Are we actually in the clear from this pandemic? No so what’s the rush?

Have these kids been given a chance to review and study most importantly were they equipped with the learning resources at school eg( computer,laptop,phone internet ) for some even a television.This will go down as the worst grades recorded if they move forward with this,parents with kids that will be furthering their kids education here in the bahamas were these grades impact their furher as one of the necessarily requirements needs to protest against this .

in all honesty I’m worried about my health..I have a pacemaker and it seems like a big risk to be around all of them people and I’m in grade 12 who moved from freeport to Nassau to school this is a lot to take in..they need to cancel or move them to next year.

So what
Happens to the kids in freeport who were basically in school for four months due to Dorian and covid? Do they repeat? Or………? What about G.L.A.T.?…

In my opinion I think they should advance all students to the next grade it’s not the students fault that there was a world wide epidemic

Wow ! Let the teachers who teach these children say when National Exams should be held , Never one who has not been in a classroom teaching , This cant be fair to the students or their teachers. God is watching , Teachers you will never be rewarded by man but never give up continue teaching with love strength and compassionate you are real Leaders.

The argument will be that the other islands in the region are having national exams, well guess what they made their announcement in May. Jamaica announced May 19th. We announced less than a week before most private schools are scheduled to close.The issue is not having it the question is why the rush now? The late announcement is just blatant disrespect for teachers students and parents are not machines.

So we are going to advance all kids automatically this time not because of social reasons but because of Covid? I am betting that if we use adjusted or forecasted grades for the first time in decades the national average will be a B

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