Tax-free zones imminent as Economic Empowerment Bill moves through Senate



Dr. Michael Darville.

The Economic Empowerment Bill will soon become law as senators wrapped up debate late Thursday afternoon on the legislation that will facilitate the creation of tax-free zones, beginning with Over-the-Hill in New Providence.

Opposition members however, who have been highly critical of the bill, presented amendments during the debate for the government to consider before the bill is passed.

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Senator Dr. Michael Darville charged that the government has gone about the programme in the wrong way and said he believes that the poor will be left out from any economic benefit.

Mover of the bill, Attorney General Carl Bethel however, defended the government’s decision to introduce the programme, and stressed that the bill is doing what successive governments have failed to do – provide incentives for ownership and redevelopment of the land in impoverished communities.