Tax Appeal Commission to participate in training workshop

Tax Appeal Commission to participate in training workshop

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The newly formed Tax Appeal Commission will participate in a week long intensive workshop as part of a thorough mobilization process for the unit.

The training, which began on July 1 and will run until July 5, will underscore the purpose of the Tax Appeal Commission Bill, 2019.

Mr. Robert Olding, Senior Managing Partner of Finance Training Solutions from the International Monetary Fund Legal Department is conducting the workshop.

Patricia Jackson, Inland Revenue Legal Compliance Consultant, said the training is intended to familiarize members of the Tax Appeal Commission with the various functions and mandates of the unit, whileteachingthem the fundamentals of tax law.

The Commission will also gain knowledge around the various acts that they will have to hear appeals from such as the VAT Act, Business Licence Act, Stamp Tax Act, Customs duty, and the Real Property Tax Act.

“Involved in the training are persons from The Department of Inland Revenue, The Bahamas Customs Department, and persons from the Public Treasury, who will be responsible for handling matters that will be presented to the Commission. Also, so that the Tax authority will be aware of what their obligations are to the Commission and be able to prepare matters in a way that strengthens the entire tax system- both from the side of the Tax Authority and the Tax Appeal Commission,” said Jackson.

The Tax Appeal Commission Bill, 2019 is currently being debated before Parliament. The Bill seeks to consolidate the tax appeals process for all the major tax types – Value Added Tax, Business Licence Tax, Real Property Tax, Stamp duty and Customs duty.