BLOWN OVER: TS Fred expected to weaken to depression as meteorologists monitor new disturbance

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Meteorologists project Tropical Storm Fred could weaken to a tropical depression before strengthening again on Tuesday as it eyes Florida. Due to the projected weakening, the Department of Meteorology has maintained its tropical storm watch for the southeast Bahamas, according to Department of Meteorology Senior Deputy Director Jeffrey Simmons. “That is not really […]

GAINING POWER: Tropical Storm Fred strengthens; southeast Bahamas in cone

Storm set to bring rainfall and moderate winds to southeast Bahamas this week NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Tropical Storm Fred strengthened in the Atlantic yesterday afternoon, becoming the sixth named storm of the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season. A tropical storm watch is in effect for the southeast Bahamas, including Inagua, Mayaguana, Acklins and Crooked Island, Samana […]

HERE COMES FRED: Tropical storm expected to form and impact southeast islands as early as tonight

Southeast islands assure they’re prepared and shelters have been readied NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Meteorologists are closely monitoring a tropical wave that is expected to develop into Tropical Storm Fred later this week and bring heavy rainfall and strong winds over the southeast Bahamas. The projected storm is not expected to make landfall, but the southeast […]

NO PEACE OF MIND: Abaco Chamber laments lack of hurricane preparedness and incomplete shelter facilities

“What happens if the next storm comes?” ABACO, BAHAMAS — With Abaco still rebuilding nearly two years after Hurricane Dorian leveled portions of the island, some residents are concerned about whether the island is prepared in the event of another storm. Abaco Chamber of Commerce Director Krista Albury has expressed grave concern about the level […]

STILL A RISK: Tropical Storm Elsa expected to pass south of Bahamas but some islands could be impacted

Officials urge caution as forecast more likely to change than usual NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Tropical Storm Elsa is expected to pass near or over portions of the Leeward Islands and south of The Bahamas today, bringing heavy rainfall and thunderstorms to the surrounding islands, according to meteorologists. On its current forecast track, the storm is […]

TURBULENCE: Parts of Bahamas see tornados and waterspouts

BPL reports power outages amid adverse weather conditions NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Residents in South Beach New Providence experienced a tornado yesterday, according to meteorologists, after waterspouts were spotted in eastern and western New Providence as well as in waters around Eleuthera. Waterspouts occur over water, however, once they make landfall they are considered tornados. Craig […]

Cold front expected for northwest Bahamas

Last day of hurricane season NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The northwest Bahamas is expected to experience a strong cold front today, according to The Bahamas Department of Meteorology. In its forecast for today, the department advised that a high-pressure riding will gradually retreat eastward ahead of a strong cold front. The weather is expected to be […]

Tropical storm warning for southeast Bahamas

Central Bahamas on tropical storm watch NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A tropical storm warning remains in effect for the southeast Bahamas, as Tropical Storm Laura continues to dump heavy rains over portions of Puerto Rico. Along with Turks and Caicos Islands, those southeast islands under storm warning include Inagua, Mayaguana, Crooked Island, Acklins, Ragged Island, Long […]

Hurricane warning in effect for all islands of The Bahamas

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Isaias formed into a hurricane overnight with maximum sustained winds of 80mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. Around 2am, the National Hurricane Center issued a warning to the northwestern, southeast and central Bahamas as the Category 1 storm moves closer to Great Inagua. Those northwest islands include Andros, New Providence, Eleuthera, Abacos […]

ZNS newscast hit by technical difficulties

NASSAU, BAHAMAS —The nightly ZNS news broadcast has been delayed due to technical difficulties, according to Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas executive chairman Mike Smith. “They have an IT glitch, it should be up soon,” Smith said. “They have to reboot the system, that’s the latest information. It’s a technical problem connected to the IT […]

Saharan Dust plume expected through end of the week

Unintended benefit: Dust is absorbing moisture that tropical cyclones need to form NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Residents with allergies and or respiratory illnesses are being advised to take necessary precautions, inclusive of taking medication, as The Bahamas braces for a concentrated expanse of Saharan dust haze. Some of the dust, known as the Saharan Air Layer […]

Wicked weather dumps heavy rain flooding the capital

New Providence and surrounding islands are still drying off today following several hours of battering heavy rains and a thunder and lightning storm Sunday morning. According to Forecaster at the Department of Meteorology, Kaylinda Ward, the freak weather was the result of “a mid-level disturbance which developed in the Gulf of Mexico moving over us […]

U.S. Coast Guard search for American swept away at sea

Treacherous waves batter famed Glass Window bridge   An American tourist went missing at sea after he was hurled into the Atlantic Ocean by massive waves at Glass Window Bridge in Eleuthera early yesterday morning, police said. Eleuthera police told Eyewitness News that the missing man, who is said to be 19-years-old, was with another […]

Severe Weather for The Bahamas

Heavy rains have left behind major flooding in parts of New Providence. Residential areas including Nassau East, Pinewood, and some parts of Coral Harbour are all left with significant flooding. The heavy rains are expected to carry on until Saturday, January 13, then hold off again until Tuesday of next week. A thunderstorm warning was […]