‘ICE ON THE GROUND’: Arthur Town Cat Island experiences hail storm

CAT ISLAND, BAHAMAS — Residents in Arthur’s Town, Cat Island, were shocked last night when the island started experiencing a hail storm.  The Bahamas Meteorology Department told Eyewitness News that they couldn’t provide any information on the occurrence on the island last night.  Residents from Arthur’s Town reported that they began seeing ice falling out […]

TURBULENCE: Parts of Bahamas see tornados and waterspouts

BPL reports power outages amid adverse weather conditions NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Residents in South Beach New Providence experienced a tornado yesterday, according to meteorologists, after waterspouts were spotted in eastern and western New Providence as well as in waters around Eleuthera. Waterspouts occur over water, however, once they make landfall they are considered tornados. Craig […]