“TAKE HEED”: Environmentalists argue permanent ban on oil drilling “absolute necessity” for The Bahamas

Our Islands, Our Future advises govt not to “flirt with an enemy of humanity” by leaving the door open for renewed oil drilling NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A coalition of environmental organizations and businesses has renewed its call for a nationwide permanent ban on oil drilling in The Bahamas, calling it an “absolute necessity” in the […]

SEEKING CLARITY: Oil drilling opponents claim BPC owes govt for license fees; call on company to clarify

BREEF head: BPC must sort out license fees before applying to renew But BPC new incoming CEO says oil company has “the right to extend” its licenses NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Oil exploration opponents have called for “clarity” of Bahamas Petroleum Company’s (BPC) license fees, while “vehemently” rejecting assertions by its chief executive that the company […]

Oil drilling opponents hang billboards off Florida beaches

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — On South Florida beaches, a Florida-based multimedia company has over the past few weeks displayed billboards against Bahamas Petroleum Company’s (BPC) planned exploratory oil drilling, according to environmentalist coalition Our Islands, Our Future. According to a statement by the coalition: “Bahamas oil drilling opponents are thanking Ballyhoo Media for its ‘fantastic’ effort […]