IT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED: Energy concerns can’t be “bottom of the barrel”, warns Chamber exec

Deal says multiple administrations have failed to adequately handle the issue “We often only think about electricity when it’s either off or the bill comes” NASSAU, BAHAMAS — This nation needs to “stop pretending” and get serious about addressing its energy concerns, a Bahamas Chamber of Commerce executive said yesterday, warning that it can no […]

PROTECT VOTING INTEGRITY: PLP pens letter to PRD about alleged errors in advance polling process

“We again repeat the need for two election agents to protect the integrity of the voting process” NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Deputy National Coordinator of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Valentine Grimes yesterday issued a letter to Acting Parliamentary Commissioner Lavado Duncanson regarding alleged irregularities found in Thursday’s advance polling process.  In his letter, Grimes claimed […]

“THEY ARE THE CRISIS”: Davis accuses FNM of employing “voter suppression tricks”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis yesterday accused the Free National Movement (FNM) of suppressing votes as the country heads into a general election, asserting that “a lot of Bahamians who want to vote aren’t going to be able to.” “Everywhere I go, and it doesn’t matter where — if […]

“DEMOCRATIC RIGHT”: Wells suggests quarantined and COVID-positive Bahamians will be allowed to vote

“We are treating everybody who comes to the polls as if they are COVID-positive” Cooper slams Wells’ response as “typical” of FNM NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Minister of Health Renward Wells suggested the government could follow similar guidelines utilized by the United States during its November 2020 election in accommodating quarantined and COVID-positive voters at the […]

“MOST UNCONSTITUTIONAL”: Speaker slams govt over lack of policy for quarantined voters

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Speaker of the House of Assembly Halson Moultrie said yesterday that while he respects the health authorities and their views on the management of the coronavirus pandemic, the law has no provisions to deny registered voters the right to vote. “I don’t think any person should be disenfranchised who is willing and […]

STANDING DOWN: PLP does not intend to delay voting despite multiple concerns with electoral process

“We will do nothing to stop or prevent the people from exercising their right to vote beginning tomorrow and then next week” Party threatens legal action again, this time over symbol on ballots NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Despite unresolved concerns regarding the electoral process, Deputy Election Coordinator for the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Valentine Grimes said […]

MAKE IT AN ACT: Consultant urges incoming administration to enact small business legislation

“We don’t need anything ad hoc; we need a strategic plan for small business development” NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A well-known small business consultant and advocate said yesterday that his organization plans to push for the enactment of a Small Business Act and a National Development Plan for SMEs with the incoming administration. Mark A Turnquest, […]

LET MY VOTERS GO: PLP threatens legal action over quarantined and COVID-positive voters

Gomez: Confirm within 36 hours you will not prevent any registered voter who is quarantined or COVID-positive from voting or face litigation  NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) on Monday threatened legal action against the government should registered voters in quarantine or isolation not be allowed to vote. In a letter addressed to […]

“NO WALK IN THE PARK”: Former DNA leader says incoming govt has unpopular decisions to make

“Any party believing that after this election it’s going to be a bed of roses is mistaken” NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Businessman and former Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney said yesterday that the incoming administration will have to make some very unpopular decisions, warning Bahamians to brace themselves for direct or indirect tax increases.  […]

DON’T DISENFRANCHISE THE SICK: Two more political parties suggest special provisions for quarantined voters

“We feel there should be drive-thru allowed for persons in those situations and let people vote” NASSAU, BAHAMAS — NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Two political third parties yesterday urged the government not to disenfranchise Bahamians who have been exposed to or contracted the coronavirus from executing their constitutional right to vote. The government has yet to […]

VOTER DISPARITY: Seven constituencies have well over 6,000 registered voters

More than 190,000 registered ahead of general election Golden Isles has largest number of registered voters, with 7,391 NASSAU, BAHAMAS — With just over a week before the general election, the voter’s register published by the Parliamentary Registration Department yesterday shows that seven constituencies have well over 6,000 registered voters. Another 12 constituencies, including three […]


1. Who is eligible to vote in the 2021 General Election? Those 18 years old. A Bahamian citizen, who must show documentary proof of Bahamian citizenship. Must have been resident in their constituency at least three months. Documentary proof of Bahamian citizenship constitutes: A Bahamian passport — the principal document that should be presented as […]

FORGET PARTY POLITICS: Certain governance reforms should not be seen as partisan agenda, says ORG exec

Aubry: If it’s good for the nation, it needs to be implemented regardless of party NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Long-term sustainable reform in The Bahamas should not be viewed as a partisan agenda, a governance reformer said yesterday, while stressing the need to separate election promises from actionable policies. Matt Aubry, the Organization for Responsible Governance […]