NOT OFF THE TABLE: Govt still intends to construct national park for Bahamian heroes, says Mitchell

“Action on the statue has enlivened the debate in a way we never did on the subject”  NASSAU, BAHAMAS — While it was not shared in the Speech from the Throne, the government intends to construct a national park for all Bahamians named as national heroes, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell. “Well, […]

‘I’M NOT CRAZY’: Court orders psych evaluation for man who took sledgehammer to Columbus statue

Man who referred to himself as “Michael the Archangel” claims he was touched by the Holy Spirit Matter adjourned to November 15 NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Shervandaze “Archangel” Smith insisted in court yesterday that he was in his right mind when he took a sledgehammer to the Christopher Columbus statue on the grounds of Government House […]

UP FOR DISCUSSION: Cabinet to consider colonial monuments after man partially tears down Columbus statue

PM expects those responsible for damage to be lawfully dealt with “There is a loud cry for us to ensure that our history is properly represented” NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis said yesterday that he empathizes with those who would wish for the reminders of The Bahamas’ colonial past to be removed, […]

A BIGGER CONVERSATION: Historian suggests damage to Columbus statute could result in ‘awakening’

“We don’t have a national heroes park and we’re almost 50 years in independence” NASSAU, BAHAMAS — University of The Bahamas (UB) history professor Dr Christopher Curry said yesterday that the man who took a sledgehammer to the statue of Christopher Columbus at Government House on Saturday was engaging in an apparent act of anti-colonialism. […]