Suspected case tests negative for COVID-19

Suspected case tests negative for COVID-19
Ministry of Health's COVID-19 dashboard for June 20.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A suspected COVID-19 patient who was airlifted to the capital from Exuma last week has tested negative for the virus.

The Ministry of Health confirmed the 33-year-old man’s results in a press statement today.

The patient entered the country on a cargo ship from Turks and Caicos. The vessel had reportedly requested to land in Exuma due to a medical emergency.

As of today, the number of cases stood at 104 for the sixth consecutive day.

The last COVID-19 case reported in New Providence was on June 14.

There have only been four cases in the last three weeks.

Of the total, there were 82 confirmed cases on New Providence, eight on Grand Bahama, 13 on Bimini, and one in Cat Cay.


Thank you Generational.Exactly !The question is why was he allowed in and not tested for almost a week.This country will starve to death if this government continues down the road they alone have chosen.

The health people just want to “flatten the curve”. Suppose you test 100 people and eliminate 10 with positive tests. Then your risk is reduced to asymptomatic carriers.

But flattening the curve makes the pandemic last longer.

What is even worse is to be denied on a flight for having a fever, which could be caused by anything else.

So even if you go somewhere and arrive there, you do not know when you will be back.

Great to hear that the young boy was reunited with his family. Hopefully he was unharmed! Thank you Lord.

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