Survivor beats breast, cervical cancer

Survivor beats breast, cervical cancer

As if being diagnosed with breast cancer wasn’t enough of a blow, Sophia Rolle, a mother of three was also diagnosed with cervical cancer. Luckily, Rolle has been cancer free for the past year and three months, without getting chemotherapy or radiation, but solely relying on natural remedies to offer a cure.

Rolle said she received the news during a routine check-up and vowed from that moment on that her only choice was to be strong for her kids.

According to the survivor, after crying for a week and realizing how much her life would change, she went into battle mode. She said that family, coworkers and close friends were by her side every day and helped her to get through her journey of becoming cancer free.

Her journey, he said, was summed up in one word: “awesome”.

Rolle said during her journey she met lots of new people and cancer sisters that also shared their struggle.

Rolle is a part of the “turn up the pink” group and has gained a multitude of friends. The group showcase’s cancer survivors and their stories through a series of photo shoots. Rolle’s journey, however, was a little different and she is confident that her story has changed lives as it has reached over 1,000 people over Facebook alone.