Supervalue pres. ‘shocked’ by complete shutdown

Supervalue pres. ‘shocked’ by complete shutdown
Super Value Owner Rupert Roberts .(FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Super Value’s president Rupert Robert said yesterday he was ‘shocked’ that food stores had been given so little notice ahead of Friday’s complete shutdown announcement by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, while suggesting that the shopping schedule order was a bit too soon.

“I was shocked that they gave us such little time to close down because I knew for two days Barbados was going to close down Friday afternoon at 5 pm,” Roberts said.

“For some reason, which I assume was a medical reason they only gave us three hours notice. We really didn’t even have three hours notice.”

He added: “Word must have gotten out because the customers started to swarm us at 5pm. Then the police showed up and started telling people to get off the line and go home. It was short notice. Some people hadn’t been paid yet. Some people didn’t have water in the house.”

On Friday, Dr Minnis  had announced a complete shutdown of all business in The Bahamas beginning starting at 8pm until 5 am this morning, in an effort to curb the “surge” of COVID-19 cases gripping the nation.

The only personnel not affected included: hospitals, hotels with guests, the police force, defense force, OPBAT, security firms, and essential workers for the functioning of utilities.

The government’s food shopping schedule will be in effect today.

It was noted that special provisions have been made for individuals 60 years of age and older and persons with disabilities.

Senior citizens and persons with disabilities may shop on Tuesdays from 6am to 12pm; however, persons in these categories may also choose to shop on the day assigned to their last name.

Roberts said: This shouldn’t have started  Monday, it’s started too soon. Some people who couldn’t shop on Friday have to wait until Tuesday. We have to support the law but if things aren’t concrete they should reconsider and tweak it. They should have let people shop until Wednesday and start this on Thursday perhaps.”


The schedule is most unfair. The 1st grouping has early shopping on Monday and Wednesday! The other two groups have only 1. Thursday and Friday. Even if group one has 2 early days why couldn’t it be AFTER the 2 later groups had ONE? Then to add insult to injury they have ROLLES SMITHS and STUBBS on the same rotation! I’m Woodside and I expected to be among the last group BUT to crowd us all together is grossly unfair. AND to pair us with the largest families is just wrong! Hopefully this is corrected soon!

Mr. Roberts sir, how much more money do you want to earn? Sir Please for the love of God STOP THINKING OF YOUR BOTTOM LINE! For years we the Bahamian public have spent monies in your store for over priced every day items. You should be taking the lead in assisting the less fortunate FAMILIES at this time – setup tables with items to assist and give back instead of making comments such as the shutdown of the country is too soon? Why? Because your stores is filled with inventory? Sir IT IS NOT TO EARLY TO SHUT DOWN THE COUNTRY AND TRY TO SAVE LIVES – BUT IT IS TO EARLY FOR YOU BECAUSE YOUR STORES ARE FULL WITH OVER PRICED ITEMS TO SELL TO US – PLEASE GIVE BACK AND STOP ALWAYS TAKING – HELP FAMILES!

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