Super Value sets six-month supply goal

Super Value sets six-month supply goal
Super Value, Baillou Hill Road.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Super Value president Rupert Roberts yesterday assured that there was no issue with food supply, noting that he was now moving towards the goal of a six month supply of groceries for his stores.

Roberts told Eyewitness News yesterday that despite consumers leaving some store shelves bare as they stocked up ahead of a five day lock-down, there was no food supply shortage.

“The crowds eased up when they gave us until 10pm and then decided to give us until 10pm on Thursday as well,” he said.

“They are allowing us to be in the stores on Friday to stock up and on Friday they are also allowing home delivery. Home delivery hasn’t succeeded because the pickers can’t get to the cash register to check out,” said Roberts.

He added: “Things are going well but I don’t see any point in the alphabet shopping and I don’t see any point in the elderly shopping because the elderly or disabled can just come to the front of the line anywhere or anytime but I don’t think many of our youth have enough respect for our senior citizens. Whatever we think doesn’t work or needs to improve we can just go back to the government and discuss it. They seem very reasonable. All they want is to keep social distancing in place and ensure that the places are sanitized.”

On the issue of adequate food supply, Roberts said: “I don’t see any problem with the food supply. First we had a goal to fill up with a three month supply and we have shifted that to six months. We will be ordering accordingly. When this is over we can give the country some goods and make specials. Right now we want to assure the public that we have enough. Despite the fact that sometimes the shelves look bare, it’s because we don’t have time to stock.”


So if the masks solve the problem and everyone has to wear one, then open all the businesses and let people start moving about. Otherwise your contradicting yourselves and the masks really serve no purpose, at all.
Family islands need to have Darville open. They are an essential business.
That supply people with needed supply goods. No difference between going to grocery store or Darville if masks are being worn for protection.
Even AID should be accessible for car repairs and home essentials, It makes perfect sense and the family island should not be treated the same as Nassau. Taking into consideration population and the fact we have had no reported cases of the virus here. The last we’ve heard.

ask mr rupert Roberts why in god name he as egges over $10.and $6.00 in his stores that put his foots on the poor bahamains in the Bahamas and there is no problems with egges around the world sp why is the government letting him do this at this very hard times in the bahamas why why mr Robert

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