Super Value offers reward for stolen 40-foot trailer

Super Value offers reward for stolen 40-foot trailer

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Super Value is offering $500 for information that will lead to the return of a 40-foot trailer that was stolen from its warehouse this week, according to Super Value President Rupert Roberts, who said the reward could be more depending on the value of the information.

“Somebody stole it from our warehouse or one of the stores and I guess it’s somewhere on the island hopefully as we are still looking for it,” Roberts told Eyewitness News Online.

Roberts said he was not sure of the exact date of when the container was stolen.

He said Super Value began a new system that better tracks the coming and goings of its inventory.

“We can’t determine what store it was taken from or if it was taken out of the warehouse yard.

“The warehouse yard is locked after the last one comes in, but it could have been moved out of the warehouse before.

“But you would have to use a MACK [Tractor] to move it.

“You would have to come up to it, and lock onto it, and we’re talking about a 40-foot container.”

The container was empty, according to Roberts.

He was unable to provide the exact value of the container, but Eyewitness News Online understands the cost to replace the container could range up to $20,000.

Super Value has had its containers stolen in the past.

In March 2017, Roberts confirmed that freight equipment was stolen from the grocery store franchise.

At the time, the carrier freight equipment was stolen from an area near the Nassau Container Port’s gates in January and February.

Super Value was able to recover the stolen equipment in those cases.

Yesterday, Roberts expressed hope that the container will be located.

The last three numbers on the container are ‘944’.

Anyone with information may contact Super Value Warehouse Manager Norris Williams on 361-0454.