Sunshine Insurance House opens at One JFK

Sunshine Insurance House opens at One JFK
Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis speaks at opening ceremony of the Sunshine Insurance House at One JFK.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis commended the opening of the Sunshine Insurance House at One JFK as an “an enduring commitment to national development”.

“It is always a source of inspiration to see a Bahamian-owned corporate group dream and accomplish such a project as we are witnessing today,” Minnis said, as he gave the keynote address during the opening ceremony.

“This new edifice is a substantial development, opening in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian which will have a far-reaching impact on our national economy.”

The building will house Commonwealth Brewery, Sunshine Finance, Custom Builders and Gateway Ascendancy Limited.

“I trust that the beauty and structure of this building will encourage other Bahamians to do likewise throughout New Providence,” Minnis continued.

“I note the completion and impending refurbishment of a number of public buildings along JFK Drive, including the Ministry of Works.

“May I encourage other business people to construct, to refurbish or to demolish buildings that will help to make this corridor more attractive and open to further business and commercial development.

“The public and private sectors must collaborate in creating a new, New Providence, transforming this island into a more efficient, modern and smarter urban center.”

The prime minister also revealed that there are additional plans to create a Business Park Complex on the remaining land at the site.

“Such a new complex represents the best of Bahamian business enterprise and demonstrates the heights to which Bahamian entrepreneurs may advance,” he said.