Suicide rocks community

Suicide rocks community

A quaint community in eastern New Providence is faced with coming to grips with a late-night suicide which claimed the life of a 41-year-old father who allegedly hung himself on Wednesday; according to sources.

Unconfirmed reports from a neighbour of the deceased indicated that the male victim is believed to be Dimaggio Darrell, a 1995 graduate of Saint Augustine’s C0llege (SAC).

It was shortly after 10:00 pm when police alerted Eyewitness News (EWN) Online of an apparent suicide in the Twynam Heights community.

Upon arrival at the gated two-story town-house complex, EWN Online saw Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) entering and exiting the residence where the apparent suicide unfolded.

Almost one hour later, the body of the deceased male was wheeled out the front door of the residence wrapped in a black body bag.

The corpse was eventually carried away from the home in the back of a CSI van.

Persons believed to be family of the apparent suicide victim never exited the home; however, their cries could be heard from the roadside where media gathered.

While police officers failed to provide the press with information from their preliminary investigations into the matter before leaving the scene on Wednesday night; residents in the area, and an individual who claimed to be a former schoolmate of the deceased provided EWN Online with information.

Darrell’s neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, shared with EWN Online that the deceased was a father to a number of children and resided in the town-house complex with his aunt and two of his sisters.

According to the neighbour, Darrell was found hanging by one of his relatives, on Wednesday night.

While the neighbour could not comment on Darrell’s character; Ron Davis, another neighbour who claimed to be a former schoolmate of the deceased, recalled his most recent encounter with Darrell at a food store in the area.

“I know him really good,” Davis shared.

“He would always come around and hail and ask how I’m doing.

“I just saw him in the food store not too long ago, maybe about a month back, and he was talking about his family and his little girl.”

Davis shared that “Darrell has a toddler aged three or four and another daughter who is currently studying abroad in Jamaica.”

Unconfirmed reports suggested that Darrell took his life on Wednesday night after a battle with depression.

However, Davis told EWN Online that he never saw any warning signs that something might have been wrong.

“He had no signs at all to say that he would do something like this,” Davis asserted.

“He never showed any signs of depression or anything like that.

“This is very shocking because my wife just told me that someone in the area committed suicide and she wasn’t sure if it was him. So, I just came here to see if he was alright.”

This incident marks the country’s second suicide for 2019.

The first suicide unfolded inside of a residence in Kennedy Subdivision on February 19.

Police indicate that a male shot himself in the head and succumbed to that injury on the scene.

While there are no confirmed details as what led to either suicide, local mental health physicians continue to agitate for persons who have thoughts of committing suicide to seek help by visiting a counselling centre, engage in open dialogue with a religious leader or visit the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre (SRC) for professional assistance.