Structural survey of Port Lucaya Marketplace expected to be completed ‘within a week or so’.

Structural survey of Port Lucaya Marketplace expected to be completed ‘within a week or so’.

‘Gradual opening’ expected to commence in three weeks

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- A structural survey of the Port Lucaya Marketplace is expected to be completed within a week, with operators eyeing a ‘gradual opening’ in three weeks.
Marketplace director Tyan Moss said the facility’s repairs will not be delayed or impacted by the reporting of loss adjusters and negotiations with the insurers.
“Since the passage of Hurricane Dorian, the team of Port Lucaya is doing its best to reopen the Marketplace as soon as possible. We have been guided by our insurance company and are following the advice of The Grand Bahama Port Authority Building and Development Department to conduct a full structural survey of the marketplace to make sure it is safe for the Public after enduring four hurricanes since 2004,” said Moss in ‘situation update’ yesterday.
“In 2016 after the passage of Hurricane Matthew, the Management Team in collaboration with the Owners of the Marketplace, moved with urgency to reopen as quickly as possible. Working at a feverish pace and without any insurance settlement, the owners undertook to finance the repairs and accomplished the goal of reopening in six weeks after the all clear was given by the Government authorities. We commend our team and all those agencies who facilitated our reopening in such a short time.”
The update continued: “Management enlisted loss adjusters to begin the assessment of structural damage in the Marketplace. However, with the regulation of work permits being enforced, the adjusters were asked to leave the Bahamas until proper permits were arranged. Work permits have been obtained with full support from proper authorities and the survey is being done at this time, with the view to be completed in the next week or so.”
The Port Lucaya Marketplace is the largest shopping, dining and entertainment open air facility in the Bahamas, with multiple specialty stores, boutiques and restaurants. The facility situated on the Lucayan Strip in the heart of Grand Bahama’s main tourism area, adjacent was purchased by British businessman Peter Hunt some four years ago.


I can not believe that he government is enforcing the work permit issue during this difficult time. The island needs as much help as possible to get back to business as the tourists are now making arrangements to go elsewhere.

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