Stricter traffic laws on the way

Stricter traffic laws on the way

In the wake of a number of recent hit and run accidents in the capital, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames confirmed to Eyewitness News Tuesday morning that stricter amendments to traffic laws are on the way.

Just last week that government tabled proposed amendments to the Road Traffic Act seeking to bring penalties for motorists who use their mobile devices while driving.

Critics have long called for stricter penalties for traffic offences and Dames agreed that government must begin enacting harsher penalties for those who refuse to respect traffic rules and regulations, beginning with smaller infractions.

“You have people driving throughout this country with unlicensed vehicles, parking in handicap spots and so on,” Dames said.

“There is a total disregard for traffic laws and we have to restore order back to society and we start with amendments such as this.”

According to Dames, as the government gets a handle on smaller infractions, stricter penalties for traffic offences will be on the way.

“Government is constantly reviewing and looking at ways to improve our level of efficiency; especially from a law enforcement perspective. It’s extremely critical,” he said.

“We’ve been in a bad place for quite some time and we need to move beyond the talk and introduce some action.”