Straw vendors get eviction notice



Straw market vendors have been given a 4-day notice to pay any arrears or have their business licenses revoked by the Straw Market Authority (SMA).

Communications Officer for the Straw Business Persons Society Rebecca Small said more than 175 vendors have left since receiving the notice and not being able to pay the money in full.

Vendors are required to pay a $35 dollar fee for rent on their stalls a week – a price that Small said they’re asking to be reduced as the cost has become burdensome due to a decrease in sales.

The notice read:

“All vendors are encouraged to bring their outstanding account balances to below $200.00 immediately.”

“Any vendor who has failed to either bring their outstanding account balance to below $200 or abide by the terms of their payment plan agreement will have their license revoked without further notice.”

Vendors are now asking that the SMA regulation book be repealed as they feel it is in violation of their constitutional rights. They are also asking for the annual registration fee to be canceled along with a reduction on rent.