Strachan looking to host amateur boxing showcase next month

Strachan looking to host amateur boxing showcase next month

Less than two weeks after being voted in as president of The Bahamas Amateur Boxing Federation for a second time, Vincent Strachan says he and his slate are working feverishly to put together an amateur boxing fight card by next month.

“We are currently in talk with the Mayweather camp, and also several other camps around the United States,” Strachan said.

“We are working closely with Chris Joy and I Fight Promotions to get this organized within the next 30 says, or a little over. We haven’t finalized our venue as yet, but we are thinking about hosting it at Arawak Cay. That would be a great attraction. So, we will be working to finalize everything real soon.”

Chris Joy, founder of I Fight Promotions, said he learned about The Bahamas’ boxing history by following the careers of several Bahamian pro fighters, and is now working with Strachan to help revamp the local boxing scene.

“A lot of people feel like they have to go abroad, to the United States, or Europe, to have a great impact as a pro or amateur. However, that’s not always the case,” Joy said.

“It’s good for fighters to bring the some of their matches home. It helps ease the cost of training and travel, and brings money to the sport and into the country. And that’s what we do at I Fight. We aim to keep fighters training and fighting at home, which helps speed up the development of the sport locally.”