Stop punishing our children

Stop punishing our children

Since May 2016, we have seen a consistency of destruction either by omission or commission.  For purely petty political reasons, the economy has been slowed down until the “masters” regrouped to now suck the very lifeblood out of the country. We believe that what is not tied down would be blatantly taken into the coffers of the gluttonous elite class.

But why should the children suffer too? Why has the heartlessness include the defenseless and vulnerable children? This cold and wanton behaviour will almost undoubtedly bear a sour fruit.

Sport is a catalyst toward helping to build an all-around youth. Baseball, in particular, is one of the vehicles used to help. We have a history of Major League players in the past that did our hearts good and put the Bahamas on the map.

The Freedom Farm, JBLN, Freeport and Family Island teams, work feverishly with the facilities available to give our youth some of the exposure.

Fast forward. The PLP respected the baseball community and saw the wisdom in beginning the construction of the Andrea Rogers Baseball Stadium, that would not only help the players here, but the possibility exist for foreign teams to play in a stadium fitting of professionalism.

But some nitwit in the government, possibly someone who have no children or who hate children or who see only the children from “over the hill” benefitting, decided that they would rather see the millions of dollars already spent so far go to waste.

Can anyone tell the Bahamian people why a government for the people would destroy the enthusiasm of the young men who are waiting for this stadium with baited breath?

Can anyone in government, at least pretend that they love the children enough and complete the stadium? Does the future of the Bahamas matter, or only for the Eastern Road and Lyford Cay children?

We would shortchange our children and reap the benefit later if we do not complete this stadium.  Our youth are watching and will express themselves in ways that may not satisfy most.  But we caused it on ourselves if we did not give them a better quality of life than we had.

Oh, by the way, a beer, some bad tasting food, and loud music would not work this time, our children are much wiser.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Ivoine W. Ingraham JP