STAY HOME: Former Health minister urges country to be disciplined as health system strained by latest surge

STAY HOME: Former Health minister urges country to be disciplined as health system strained by latest surge

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Former Health minister Dr Duane Sands today sounded the alarm that the country’s “overburdened” health system was experiencing what appears to be another COVID-19 surge.

The Ministry of Health is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation in Inagua, which has 23 active cases and 34 people in quarantine.

Officials also confirmed another four deaths from COVID-19 yesterday.

These included three women and one man, ages 52-78, who died between September 21 and September 22. Meanwhile, another 46 coronavirus cases were confirmed on Friday.

“The huge numbers of deaths speak for themselves,” Sands said in a statement.

“Far too many are critically ill. We do not have the national capacity to manage the current load. As context… imagine the outrage and fear felt with 100 murders in a year. We are at 500 plus deaths in the last year…and the outlook remains grim.”

He continued: “Let us recommit to disciplined adherence to public health interventions, encourage persons to get vaccinated…Support the beleaguered Healthcare workers and other front-line workers. Stay home if you don’t absolutely need to go out.”

Sands said: “At the risk of being repetitive and worsening Covid-19 fatigue…we are in trouble. Our Healthcare teams are attempting to push back the flood of patients. They are exhausted and this battle is far from over. The impact on patients with other illnesses cannot be understated.

“Many will suffer and die that may have been salvageable given different circumstances,” he added.

Total cases now stand at 21,626.


I believe covid 19 will decrease if we follow the protocols. Wear your nask wash your hands & stay our distance. Covid is not going to kill us disobedience will kill us. I understand that the vaccinated persons are the covid carriers

Yes, BOTH unvaccinated AND Vaccinated persons can spread the covid-19 virus, but the viral load in a Vaccinated person is significantly less than in an unvaccinated person. Vaccination significantly decreases the risk of developing severe health problems, resulting in long-term health issues (I.e. permanent lung scarring), hospitalization, need to be placed on a ventilator, and/or death O_o.

I along with many people I know was vacinated and each time we are tested it is negative. I continue to follow the protocols even though vacinated; it’s simply the sensible thing to do. I urge people to stop listening to social media rhetoric and trust the science. I currently have five relatives in the morgue having succumbed to covid.

I agree. Trust the science. Sadly the AI algorithm will not allow me to post the University of Oxford research paper. Search engine Lancet transmission healthcare workers Vietnam and you can read the study. Problem is laypersons do not comprehend medical research papers on average. Look into Israel. Largely Pfiz__ and high covid rate. Overall risk reduction is 1 %. Too many dangerous side effects also.

The electorate issued a stay at home order to the good doctor because of his incessant lockdown advocacy

Covid did not leave when the FNM administration left! We are too relaxed right now in our fight. I see clubs are operating now and large public gatherings have become the norm. We must live wisely with the vurus by making good decisions

While there is a great need for all to let out and go with the flow of freedom, bare in mind a thought of caution goes a long way.
There is a greater need for every single Bahamian to take full RESPONSIBILITY for themselves, when it comes to Covid – 19.
Please don’t be gullible, but adhere to the protocols and strengthen your own measures by tightening up your exposure to even your inner 6ft.
Please do your part in keeping safe.

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