“Staunchly opposed!” BNT says on Disney development for Lighthouse Point

Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera

BNT Executive Director Eric Carey

The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) is “staunchly opposed” to a proposed development for Lighthouse Point in Eleuthera, the head of the conservation arm confirmed Friday.

Disney Cruise announced its intentions recently to purchase 700 acres at the southern tip of Eleuthera, where Lighthouse Point sits, to develop a cruise port.

However, BNT Executive Director Eric Carey said, it is simply not the site for a cruise port and instead for something more sustainable for Bahamians.

Two town hall meetings have already taken place on the island and, in both cases, residents vehemently opposed any plans put forth by representatives from Disney.

Residents argued that the jobs which executives of Disney promise will be created as a result are not worth the environmental degradation that the island will suffer as a result. Some even questioned the quality of the jobs that will be offered to Bahamians.


Kudos, BNT! Your stance as a leader in the protection of the natural and historical features of the Bahamas is followed closely and is integral to forming a brighter tomorrow for the country!

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