State Funeral held for Stephen Isaacs



Remembered as the Judges Judge, Chief Justice Stephen Isaacs at the age of 63 gets his final farewell.

The State funeral, held at the Christ Church Cathedral Friday morning welcomed just about everyone from the nations Judicial arena -alongside them were members of Parliament, those of the Armed Forces, and Family members and friends.

During the state service, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis noted the admirable drive and climb made by Isaacs throughout the year.

“He demonstrated balance many here can testify that he was gracious, even when expressing an opposing view.”

Just before the funeral service the nations armed Forces held a slow march through downtown Nassau from Christ Cathedral down to George Street.

Isaacs body is set to be cremated, and his family members were presented with the country’s flag as a means to honor his service.

Isaacs untimely death followed the two weeks he had been in his post as Chief Justice, something he noted was “a role of a lifetime”.

Isaacs is survived by his 2 children, Stephen Isaacs Jr. and Capri Isaacs.